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Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

CityVille Request Materials Zoning Permit Center

CityVille Materials Building Zoning Permit Center
Build the Zoning Permit Center, ask for materials to get the Zoning Permit Center to your friends. Click image below to request materials Zoning Permit Center to your friends:


paper thread

permit seal

permit paper

permit stencil

Benefits :
New Community Building with the ability to drop Zoning Permits!
Up to 1400 Population Allowance!
Ability to upgrade for better chances of earning permits and increase population allowance!

Tips how to instantly get materials Zoning Permit Center:
  1. - Creating two facebook accounts (main and secondary)
  2. - Log into your Main Facebook account
  3. - Click on the Image Below
  4. - Open the links in 10 or more tabs
  5. - Send all the request to your secondary account but do NOT click send yet.
  6. - Once you have selected your secondary account in all the tabs, then click Send.
  7. - Log out of your main facebook account, then log into your second account.
  8. - Then you will now get the item requests in your secondary account.
  9. - Just accept all the requests and your main account will get the items! Have fun!
  10. - Maybe this way can still be used.

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