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Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

MapleStory Adventures Cheats

  • Download TRAINER [download] // wait for timer, click download, click >> Download << again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting. 
  • Download Cheat Engine version [download]
  • Firefox
  • Cheat Engine
Credits: XiuLong, 001000010 & Parameter

Trainer Version (Firefox ONLY):

Just watch the video below. When activating the cheat for the first time (F12, F5 etc, do it ONLY at the screen where you can SELECT your character. Anywhere else will result in an error.)

Cheat Engine Script version:

1. Open process in CE.
2. Click "Memory View" button (Under the address table)
3. Click Tools -> Auto Assemble
4. Paste the entire code from the file that you downloaded (link above).
5. Click Execute.

If you picked the right process it will automatically inject all of the AoBs.

  • Never Miss
  • Auto Pickup
  • Monster VAC (you must be in town)
  • Monster Never Walk
  • Fast Respawn Hack
  • Tamed Monster Hack (tamed mobs that you equip appear bigger)
  • Instant Harvest
  • God Mode (block every attack)
  • Energy Request
  • Max Damage (MAX DMG)
  • AoE Radius
  • Unlimited Range
  • Speed Hack (walk super fast)

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