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Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Ninja Saga Cheat Exp, Level, Mission, And Gold

Ninja Saga Cheat Exp, Level, Mission, And Gold

Require Tools :
  • Steps :
  1. Open Ninja Saga
  2. Select Character
  3. After Loading Finish Open Fiddler2
  4. Goto Tab AutoResponder
  5. Tick 'Enable automatic responses' and 'Permit passthrough for unmatched request'
  6. Open SWF File and drag to AutoResponder column
  7. Clear Cache In Fiddler2 Or Clear Cache On your Browser
  8. Goto Shop and delete two star '*'
  9. Select the cheat what you want
  10. Click Exchange
  11. Wait For Cheating
Enjoy :)
How to clear cache : 
Google Chrome : Click on keyboard ' CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE'  Tab will appear Only Tick 'Clear  Cache' then click 'Clear Browsing Data'
Mozilla Firefox : Click Tools -> Option -> Goto Advanced Tab -> Goto Group Network -> And See Tab Control 'Cache Web Content' -> Clcik Clear Now

Note : Dont Change Delay Value To 1 - 10 Or You WIll Get Error.
1 = One Million Exp
2 = Two Million Exp
3 = Three Million Exp
And Much More
Change Delay to 11

Level :
This is where you increase the level, so do not count the amount of exp you need for your ride to the next level.
Change Delay To 11

Mission :
Completing Mission By Instant. But Need Code Mission.
Change Delay to 11

Gold :
1 = One Hundred Gold
2 = Two Hundred Gold
3 = Three Hundred Gold
And Much More.
Change Delay to 11.

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