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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Tips & Trick Command Archon & Concul | RF Online 2012

Berikut adalah Tips & Trick Command Archon & Concul | RF Online 2012

Pewarnaan (Archon and sub) : //dye

Archon and Sub Archon Power Command :
//archonpower 1 aktifkan
//archonpower 0 non aktifkan
//subarchonpower 1 aktifkan
//subarchonpower 0 non aktifkan

Archon and Sub Archon Chat Command :

@restraint 1 nick alasan = ban chat
@restraint 2 nick alasan = bounty
1 = Chat ban
2 = Flagged as a criminal (Can be attacked by players of the same race)
3 = Party ban

/race : archon command

buat voting bangsa dr archon

buat bikin notice archon

shift + tab buat munculin toolbar tempat nulis command yang mo dimunculkan dilayar
shift + 1 .. dst buat nampilin command yang muncul dilayar

Archon Greetings message - $Archon name comment
Guild Leaders greeting message - $guild name comment
/vote Question_requires_underscores?

/rep = Guild Leaders, Consul, Councils and Archon (blue)
/race = Archon and Councils addressing the race (blue green)
/leader= Archon and Councils personal chat (pink) [previously was /archon
during Crimson dawn but is not working currently, there may be a new
(?) = Archon's introductory message/notice whenever
players login this is the first thing that they see [previously was
$race(space)Archon's Name(space)Message]

good luck

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