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Selasa, 13 November 2012

Backyard Monster Ultimate Cheat Update Nov 2012

Backyard Monster Ultimate Cheat

Download Charles

JAVA to run Charles
Download Java

Fidder 2
Download Fiddler

BYM Hack Update November 12.rar
Download BYM File

Feature :

There are 3 hacks included-

Instant everything with normal cost. Dave/KingWormz/Zaf health X2

Instant everything with 1 cost. Dave/KingWormz/Zaf health X2

    Instant resource
    Instant build
    Instant fortify
    Instant upgrade
    Instant repair
    All cost 1
    Move of mainyard cost 1
    Instant hatch
    Instant train
    Instant abilities
    All cost 1
    Super Dave and Super Zafreeti (faster/stronger to be use in attack mode with drull)

    Instant build
    Instant repair
    Intant upgrade
    Takeover cost 1
    Ultrakit cost 1
    Catapult Bomb
    Huge putty cost 100k last 2mins
    Huge bomb cost 100k only
    Siege Factory
    Instant upgrade cost 1
    Instant build
    Jars covered all towers and stronger
    Marilyn covered entire yard and more damage
    Instant Feed
    Instant evolve
    Instant heal
    Feed with 1 monster
    Super Drull (faster and stronger)

+ Fixed :

# Problem in inferno cavern.
# Compatible for Firefox, Chrome and IE8-IE9, Rockmelt.
# Anti Banned
# Bunker Bugs


    Open Charles
    Go to Backyard Monsters
    In Charles find http://cdn-bm-fb.casualcollective.com > GAME > ASSETS
    Right click gamev.xx.xx.swf and choose MAP LOCAL (xx is random numbers)
    Look “Map To” , Click “Choose” , open the file you download above " bym.swf "
    And Click “OK”
    Clear Browser Cache 2 times
    Reload BYM
    Watch the Torial if you don't Understand [ Note: This is old Video Tutorial and this is not my Own Tutorial ]
    Here is the link >> http://videobam.com/KIcan << For Fiddler >> Link << For Charles >> Link <<

How to Clear Cache:

    Open Google Chrome
    Look At The Upper Right Of It
    You'll See Wrench There
    Click It
    Click "Options"
    You'll See Now The Settings
    Look At The Left Side And "Click Under The Hood"
    At The Top Middle, Click "Clear Browsing Data"
    Check only the "Empty Cache"
    Then Hit "Clear Browsing Data"

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