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Kamis, 01 November 2012

Hack FarmVille 2 Cash Expansion 1 november 1012

Hack or Cheat to get free 100 Cash Expansion in the game FarmVille 2. The tools used and steps you can follow and get in the intruction below.

Tools used:

  1. Cheat Engine

    Click to Download Cheat Engine 6.1

  2. Your Browser, (I recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)
For the Steps:
  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Go to Farmville 2 and Open the 100 cash land. ( note:leave it open )
  3. Open Cheat Engine.
  4. In the Cheat Engine, Select -plugin_container.exe (firefox) or 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe
  5. Value type from "4 bytes" to "Text" or "String"
  6. Scan "coins"
  7. Click the 1st address, Hold Shift and then click the last address.
  8. Click on the red arrow.
  9. Change all the values to "farm bucks" (Select 1 address below. Hold Ctrl +A and then hit Enter key)
  10. Immediately, change all the values back to "coins" (to prevent popup error)
  11. Back to FV2 and then click the 'SKIP WITH 100 CASH' button
  12. Close the box without expanding.
  13. Reload the game or visit your friend then return.
  14. Your farm will be able to expand with the red check now.
  15. Done

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