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Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Full Version Free Download

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos
After the release of Reign of Chaos and after the release of Frozen Throne expansion, Warcraft III is still a very popular and an important jumping off point for what could possibly be one of the most famous (and profitable)games at the latest. Blizzard World of Warcraft.

Warcraft III
and its expansion are real-time strategy, and some would argue, one of the best in thismennessä.Pelaaja can use a number of units and their combinations to defeat the enemy, often wiping them off the map. Blizzard has four of competition you play what became part of World of Warcraft (Humans, Orcs,Night Elves and Undead). The game itself is very smooth controls and keyboard shortcuts are often veryobvious. Gaining skill and a bit of time is very helppoa.

Kampanja for example, gives one unit at a time, tasks, presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of each separately, so that you can combine them, that when you feel tarvetta.Avain behind the Warcraft III has a variety of units in each race and the natural that the strategy will bring to the table everyone who can apply for any style of gameplay. Blizzard was a very careful design and playability of each race that looks like the player, such as the nearly 4 different games at the same time control

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos
Proceedings game Warcraft III Reign of Chaos is basically no different from other RTS games. Players control the base consisting of various buildings. Some buildings can then be used to produce a unit of workers and soldiers. Buildings owned by each race has a different name and appearance, but the function of each building is essentially the same even though others may have unique functions that are not owned the building from other careers. Players can also make a similar defense tower built to help protect his base.

There are two main sources of me in the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos: gold and wood. Gold is needed to make buildings and units, while the wood needed to make buildings and units developed. Obtained by the gold mining sector in a lump like building known as the "Gold Mine" with the unit staff. Wood itself is obtained by cutting the plants found in almost every corner of the map game. Gold in small quantities can also be obtained by killing enemies or sell units that can only be used by the Hero. Other resource requirements, but are not classified as a mine to eat (food), which shows the player population. Food obtained by creating a city center building or other buildings that operate more or less like the cheap. Human example, can be added to food by promoting farm buildings and / or the Town Hall. Limiting foods with Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is 90.

The latest addition to the game Warcraft III Reign Chaos is not present in the past Warcraft games is the presence of two new race played: Undead and Night Elf and Human races complete orc available. As the name of the race. Orc is a race of giants and monsters are rebellious. Undead people dead and demons, while the night elves Elves and creatures magical night forest guards. Their people have different strengths and uniqueness of the other races so that the use of certain races also require specific tactics to win. To maintain a balance between career, as a developer Blizzard Entertainment released Warcraft patch (the latest version for video games) between the time required and can be downloaded at the official site.
Additional another for this game is a single unit called Hero. The uniqueness of the hero than the other units is that they have the capacity to be increased by increasing the level up to a maximum 10. Level can be increased by killing enemy units and all levels will increase, Hero can get new skills to add a sense of RPG games. Hero can kill, but he can be raised to the altar. Hero of the maximum amount that can be done is the third in which every city building age, players have access to create a new hero.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos also features a giant wild-called "creep". Wild monsters and a variety of different strengths. Having a monster that can kill only a small number of hosts, but also has a strong unit and even immune to magic. They are found throughout the region on the map and they are usually more powerful, which maintains an increasingly important location for the players. If killed, they drop a small amount of gold to players as well as experience points required for the Hero to improve. Some wild animals that kill also dropped item that provides additional status or special skills that can only be used by the Hero and also can be sold for gold.
Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos
 Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos also provides the ability for players to play together in the same Games, better known as the plural. Multiplayer can be done via LAN or via Internet connection. Who would want to play multi-player connections via LAN must first create an account name, then create a special room to play with other players or enter into any space AS. Play through the internet connection itself is not fundamentally different from playing through LAN connection. The Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment to provide a special server to play on the internet (online) named Batlle.net. Play with the main difference over a LAN is the player must create a Battle.net account to the relevant site before it is the main Start on Battle.net.
Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos

Plot in Warcraft III: reign chaos can only be found on the menu CAMPAIGN (Contest to shorten the trial or hearing of the mission) in single player mode (single game). There are four different campaigns where each race has its own CAMPAIGN (except for orc race CAMPAIGN on Latest tutorial for beginners). If a player has completed the CAMPAIGN race, so players can continue to the next race to sequence the Human campaign, Undead, Orc and Night Elf as the last campaign.

The story of Warcraft III: Reign chaos begins when a village among the people of Lordaeron American man attacked by orc hordes. Prince Arthas of Lordaeron prince was sent to meet the problems of Jaina Proudmoore magicians and senior commanders, Uther Lightbringer. Then successfully drove Arthas orc horde and let the villagers, Arthas Start new oddities feel like an attack from creatures such as witches and the emergence of Lordaeron mystery epidemic. The others, Arthas Start aware that there is a devil called Mal'ganis want to take advantage of people's humanity (Human) as a soldier to his people.

Success finally defeat Arthas Mal'ganis through a tough battle, but Mal'ganis successfully fled to the North Pole so that Arthas decided to pursue. In the Arctic, Arthas accidentally meet someone named Muradin located at the North Pole to find the magic sword called Frostmourne. Arthas obsessed with defeating any attempt to get the Frostmourne Muradin Jason Mal'ganis should lead to death. Finally successful in killing Arthas in Frostmourne sword Mal'ganis help, but without knowing the sword also affected his mind. When he came to the Palace of Lordaeron, Arthas has mastered the sword to kill his own father so that the Government of Lordaeron hit by recession.

The recent Arthas fortune by his own father and then meet other demon named Tichondrius say that Arthas was successfully carried out his first mission as part of the Undead race. Arthas then ordered to destroy the settlements of High Elf and Wells claim to extend the powers of magic and restore Kel'Thuzad undead, the undead priests were killed. By Kel'Thuzad, Arthas know that the punishment of Lordaeron is part of the plan known as the Burning Legion representative to enter the spirit world to help the physician named Dịch King. Kel'Thuzad also chapter that he "chose" the King Dịch as a person believed by the Frostmourne sword. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad and direct explanation to open the door between dimensions to grab my book Magic Dalaran, Lordaeron Government last basis. They were eventually successful summons Archimonde, leader, and the strength of the army is burning, Archimonde destroyed the remnants of Lordaeron Government.

At the same time rejoice, enslave, orc race supreme leader, decided to withdraw from the race from the lands of Lordaeron after a meeting with a mystery man called the Prophet (trained in Ramal). Along the way, density-density that they are exposed to the storm, so the group separated by a waiting Hellsceam Grom, his brother, and eventually stranded in Kalimdor, the land is still virgin. In Kalimdor, the group might meet enslave humanity called Tauren males who later became their friend. Finally meet the group serve a group of Grom Hellscream is involved in a small war in the country who also fled to Kalimdor after the fall of Lordaeron. Grom wait no longer interfere with the person who tells people, but ignore that serve to punish Grom Grom collect wood to set up headquarters.

Grom then reduce the huge amount of trees that partially divest the forest. The Grom vice Deforesting make Cenarius - Lord forest guards Kalimdor - Grom angry that he attacked the army. The Grom Army Air Force search and drink from a wish to defeat Cenarius, but the fact convicted by the power of Satan. At the same time, the forces that helped Tauren successfully refused to serve humanity, but all of a sudden the Prophet came back and said they need one to burn the army was glad Kalimdor. Human Orc and finally decided to work the military is controlled Grom devil before he successfully save Grom. Grom that he was in last fall after the success that killed Mannoroth, Satan is angry with him and the country before the other orc.

At the same time, one of the great leader of a Night Elf named Tyrande country awakened from hibernation whisperwind long and understands that there are foreigners who come to Kalimdor. Fear that they will only lead to chaos-Hara, Tyrande and Malfurion - Night Elf priest the highest - race war by telling them to duck Night small triangle with a powerful army burn (Undead) and Affiliate orc-Man. Outside of duck, freeing Illidan Tyrande - brother Malfurion imprisoned for alleged treason - to help the Night Elves. Successful later released by the Illidan kill Tichondrius, one General Burning army, but at the same time he was tempted by Jason Tichondrius power and then use that power itself. Malfurion Illidan eventually dismissed because his new powers Dianggap Dangerous Night Elf race

System Requirements 
600 MHz processor
256 MB of RAM
32 MB 3D video card
DirectX® 8.1 compatible sound card

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Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Full Version Free Download
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