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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Armies of Magic Hack Unfinite Green Minerals 2013

Cheat Armies of Magic Hack Unfinite Green Minerals : this hack give you infinite green minerals so you can build infinite number of units.

Armies of Magic Hack Unfinite Green Minerals needs :
  • Cheat Engine
  • your browser
Armies of Magic Hack Unfinite Green Minerals Steps :
1) go in game
2) start cheat engine
3) select process Flashplayer plugin in select a process to open in mozilla firefox
4) change the value from double
5) enter into the battle and click pause
6) first scan number of green minerals you have examply "70"
7) UNPAUSE the game and send a miner out ( 10 minerals )
8) PAUSE again and and next scan "60"
9) only 2 address left . choose both address and click on red arrow
10) right click the 2 address and choose " find out what accesses these addresses
11) back to game UNPAUSE and select a soldier to combat
12) find the line " movq [esi+68],xmm0 " and click on "show dissabler "
13) click tools
14) click auto assembler > click template > code injection > ok
15) you will see these lines

--> orginalcode;
movq [esi+70],xmm0

16) CUT out the line " movq [esi+70],xmm0"
17) click execute > yes
18 ) now go into the battle with your unlimited green minerals n free units

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