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Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Diamond Dash Cheat Instant Level Up

With Diamond Dash Cheat Instant Level Up you can raise your level very quickly, besides that it also can increase the gold and also increase some skills.
Little review of the game Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash will present a game like social games, which you can find on facebook. The aim will be to remove the colored blocks that you will be joining them in front of groups of three or more blocks by simply clicking on them. Like most of the games that are important in social networks, Diamond Dash will limit a lot of the different sessions of the game, in fact, each lasting about sixty seconds, after which you will pass to the next round, or youll end up playing.

Diamond Dash Cheat Instant Level Up Tools :

  • Charles Proxy
  • Your Browser
Diamond Dash Cheat Instant Level Up Steps :

  1. Go in Facebook Dimond Dash and load the game
  2. Start Charles Proxy
  3. Click Play on Diamond Dash and record any Score
  4. Go to Charles Proxy and Click + on http://dd.wooga.com and http://dd.t.wooga.com
  5. Click + on eor/
  6. Click Ctrl and select ?timestamp=1328309123484&signature=W0BWPdCGqqA5oka n54yBNZE18qva1RAoqlu-92u0tg8%3D&session=1100447b5bb0d01c24a974bc63318c1 2&api_version=2
  7. and ?finalScore=54860&xp=110&cw=2011%2D06%2D15&gold=19 &level=48&plasmaburst=0&s=100000712307700&timeboos t=1&firemode=0&bombboost=1&colorboost=0&scoreFrmSp eedmode=12200&accuracy=91&ts=1328309123500&iceBloc ksPrdcd=5&coins=100&crshdGems=209&fireball=1 (1×1)
  8. Now right click and click on Repeat Advanced…
  9. Now will appear Advanced Repeat msgbox
  10. Write on first place 4000 and 2nd place 40 and click ok
  11. After 3~5 minutes, refrish Diamond Dash page and Diamond Dash Hack get your exp on lvl up
Tutorials in Video :

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