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Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Free Skype Credit Coupon or Voucher

Get your free skype credit coupon. By the way I explain below you will get free skype credit cupon. A little review on skype:
With over 480 thousand registered users, Skype is among the preferred software on the Web. Skype provides voice and video over IP services (VoIP). Many use Skypes free services, just like voice and web cam calls

between Skype users. Phone clients have found Skype as an economical way to make international calls to any phone number. Skype phone accounts are available on pay as you go or regular monthly plans. With Skype credits, you are able to place calls instantly. The much more credits you have, the longer you will talk.
Below is the software needed to get free skype credit coupon:
Below is steps to get Free Skype Credit Coupon:
  1. Go to control panel > clock, Language and Region > Adjust Location to UK
  2. Simply click on Administrative Tab Click on the Change System Locale button. choose ‘English (United Kingdom)
  3. Restart pc just incase
  4. Now open skype software and put in your email > Get your code! you do not require a correct email just: hjfhsdf@dsnd.com would do
  5. Now close the program, start MAC changer> choose your system if wins 7 the press fix too > random MAC > Change
  6. Turn off and turn on the local network > you are done
  7. Open again the skype voucher and do it again
With these free Skype coupon £1.33(around $2), you can also do free skype calls to land lines and mobile phones too for a low monthly flat rate. You may even get your personal free Skype number so you will receive calls and listen to personal voicemail too.

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