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Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Galaxy Life Free 10 M Coins, 10 M Minerals and 15 Chips

Get free for Galaxy Life 10 M Coins, 10 M  Minerals and 15 Chips. with everyone to get many in return! No registration required. Free and Simple. Amazing worlds, unusual and incredible heroes; task friends and find out buddies in Galaxy Life! Cause your Starling group to achievement in the wackiest area strategy activity yet. Your small people may be cute and exciting, but when it can come down to metal tacks they do not mess around. Diplomacy is awesome but battles get you the booty!

By clicking the links below, you will get Galaxy Life 10 M Coins, 10 M  Minerals and 15 Chips for free :

Free 10 M Coins Free 10 M Minerals Free 15 Chips

Gameplay in Galaxy Life moves all over the gamer performing as a guard for a band of small, lovely creatures known as Starlings right after their world was destroyed. Projects the gamer must take on consist of developing up a base and its resistance; protecting against attacks from competing gamers and attacker non-player figures; and fighting and looting rival bases.

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