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Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

Pet Society Hack Cash Wig Dyes 100% work Maret 2013

Pet Society Hack Cash Wig Dyes Updated March 2013 with Fiddler 2. Game Pet Society on Facebook. The Mayor welcomes you to Pet Society, a world where Pets from everywhere can come and live together in a virtual space! Begin with creating and customizing your own Pet. Dress up your Pet, start a trend by donning some of the lovely clothes and accessories that are available in the shops of Pets Town!

Pet Society Hack Cash Wig Dyes needs :
Pet Society Hack Cash Wig Dyes Steps :
  1. Download Database or swf file from the links above. You will need winRAR (tools section) to extract the .dat files out.
  2. To make things easier for you guys, Simple just Click and Drag the downloaded .dat files out into Fiddler's Autoresponder tab.
  3. Clear Browser Cache (IMPORTANT or it will not work)
  4. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
  5. Now just visit the DIY Shop and have fun shopping
Watch the video tutorial :

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