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Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Wild Ones Cheat Coins Hack Maret 2013

Wild Ones is one of the most facebook game players. Lots of hack or cheat for this game and one of them is Wild Ones Cheat Coins that I made. The function of this Wild Ones Cheats Coins Hack is to get free To get a lot of coins for free. What are you waiting. Add your coins with this hack. For tools and steps, you can see below.

Wild Ones Cheat Coins Hack Tools :
  • Cheat Engine
  • Mozilla Firefox (tasted on mozilla)
Wild Ones Cheat Coins Hack Steps :
  1. Open Wild Ones window
  2. Run Cheat Engine
  3. On Cheat Engine select process "Plugincontainer.exe"
  4. Go in Wild Ones Home
  5. On Cheat Engine set 500 on speedhack
  6. When collect 30 coins box comes out set speedhack to 0.0 (zero.zero)
  7. Click more time CLAIM button
  8. Now set speedhack to 1.0
  9. Switch to Shop and come back to Home and get more Coins
  10. Done..

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