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Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Wild Ones Trick-How to unbanned your Wild Ones Maret 2013

Wild Ones Trick-How to unbanned your Wild Ones. This time I will share how to unbanned wild ones game. For the equipment needed and the steps you can see below:

1. Hot spot Shield
2. Cheat Engine or any speed hacking programs
3. T-search
4. Banned Wild ones account

1. Log-in with your wild ones account and open CE
2. Target process chrome.exe or plugin-container.exe or anything
3. Before it fully loads change speed hack to 0
4. Then open tsearch
5. Again target browser the click on hex edito

6. Click A to B icon

7.Click Ascii and type on find what:criticalError
then Replace with: login the click replace all!
It will say xx currencies replaced e.g 26 currencies replaced

8. After that change to normal speehack in cheat engine
9. After the ban will not come out but this is not the real click on get treats button in wild ones
10. Then Connect HotSpot Shield
11. After connecting click earn treats and then many offers will come up
12. Click on free and click on a survey that will give you 1 treat (do not click on installations)
13. After that complete the offer
14 When you complete the offer the offer will give you 1 treat e.g i have 8 treats and my treats will turn 9!
15. When you received 1 treat already Reload 2-3 times because it will not unban u yet but after u refresh 2-3 times TadAAA ur account is unbanned and u can play the games! And anything!

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