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Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Cheat God Mode Ninja Saga or PNS 100% Work April 2013

Sorry, i receive some comment that cheat ninja saga before i shared not working ... I Dont know why but i saw in video it's work.. Now i will share another hack , It will make an easy to battle ... This cheat work in ninja saga and play ninja saga .. Lets begin

Download Fiddler : Click Here
Download Swf : Click Here

Tutorial :
1. Download Fiddler << Install Fiddler (If you already have fiddler dont do it)
2. Download SWF File << Extrach rar << set the password
3. Open Fiddler << Go to auto responder table
4. Tick : Enable automatic responses and permit passthrough
5. Drag SWF File to fiddler
6. Open your browser << Must clear cache
7. Login to ninja saga << Go to shop
8. Enjoy ^

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