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Jumat, 05 April 2013

Crazy Penguin Wars Hack Coins

Crazy Penguin Wars Hack Coins, This hack function to add coins for free.

Wath is needed :
1.) Cheat Engine (with Speed Hack)
2.) 50 coins for metal casing and 2 cash Lemon and piece of wood at least or Metal Casing, Lemon, and Piece of Wood (if you have)
3.) Your account and your browser

How this cheat work :
1. Open Cheat engine and crazy penguin wars
2. Click Crafting and click research
3. Then buy or click on lemon metal casing and piece of wood (any order)
4. After that Click research
5. It will research after that go to cheat engine and choose the correct process ,.,.
6. Speed hack it by 500 and it will research very fast and finish,.,.,
7. After it finished make its speed to 0
8. Making it 0 will make the game not move right? So Click on Collect many times or use auto clicker
9. Disable speed hack !!!
10. After that reload and see your coins!!!

Note : Metal Casing is not Metal Scrap do not be confused!!

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