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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Dungeon Rampage Hack Combo APRIL 2013

Dungeon Rampage Hack Combo contens: Strike Cheats, Archer at the same time even if you hit all the creatures, Attack speed Cheats, To cross-walls, Without damaging the wall behind-vurabilme. This hack only works in firefox.

Equipment required for this hack :
Steps for this hack :
  1. Open Facebook
  2. Download Extensions FB Cheats.
  3. Click on the file you downloaded earlier, then select open with mozilla.
  4. Install files into mozilla, then restart mozilla.
  5. After that, click tools in mozilla firefox then select FBcheats then remove all check.
  6. Open Dungeon Rampage.
  7. Once loading is complete and you are logged in the game, then click tools in mozilla firefox then select FBcheats then check the Dungeon Rampage
  8. Let's play
  9. Tutorial in video :

Do not forget to share with your friends, because this cheat is made to be shared.

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