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Sabtu, 06 April 2013

FarmVille 2 Cheat Decorations Hack with Cheat Engine APRIL 2013

Listed below is a FarmVille 2 Hack Decoration that will support you to get a lot of free decorations in your FarmVille 2 farm.


Farm Ville 2 Cheat Decorations Tools:

FarmVille 2 Hack Decoration Usage Example

  1. Open FarmVille 2 web page
  2. Run Cheat Engine
  3. Select process (based on your internet browser)
  4. Look into the market and purchase an Orange Tree but DO NOT positionate it
  5. Go back to Cheat Engine and change Scan Type to String
  6. Scan for e_tree_fruit_orange
  7. Now select all the addresses and include them to the address checklist (simply click on red arrow)
  8. Change their value to e_building_henhouse_crew_Finish
  9. Turn back to FarmVille screen and track downthe Orange Tree as many times as you want
  10. You will get Hen Houses on the other hand of Orange Trees.
Last FarmVille 2 Hack Decoration

e_deco_animated_greatb_garden_shed – e_deco_swspice_luminarias_design01 moab luminaria
e_deco_animated_greatb_stone_arch – e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_25 or e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green Verdant Breath Kite
e_deco_fence_greatb_stone_wall – e_deco_fallharvest_corn_maze_a Corn Maze Block
e_deco_fence_post_greatb_stone_wall – e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq BlossumBox
e_deco_greatb_scarecrow_boots – e_deco_animated_windchime_sun Wind Chime
e_deco_greatb_tea_table – e_resource_salt_pack_10 or e_deco_saltlick_generic Salt Lick
e_deco_greatb_stone_cottage – e_resource_instagrow_pack_2 or e_resource_water_can_pack_5 or e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic
e_deco_greatb_trellis_stand – e_resource_instagrow_pack_2 or e_resource_water_can_pack_5 or e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic
e_deco_greatb_garden_bench – e_deco_animated_swing_tire Tire Swing
e_deco_greatb_stone_deck – e_resource_energy_pack_2 or e_deco_bbq_bonfire_stone Summer Bonfire
e_deco_greatb_stone_fountain – e_resource_instagrow_pack_10 or e_resource_water_can_pack_10 or e_deco_waterfountain_generic

New FarmVille 2 Tree
e_tree_fruit_yew_english – e_resource_energy_pack_2 or e_deco_bbq_bonfire_stone Summer Bonfire
e_tree_fruit_elderberry — e_resource_salt_pack_10 or e_deco_saltlick_generic Salt Lick

FarmVille 2 Hack Decoration List
Winter stuff
e_deco_animated_swspice_shed_adobe – e_deco_winterready_toolrack_garden
e_deco_swspice_scarecrow_cowboy – e_deco_winterready_storage_rack
e_deco_animated_windchime_sun – e_deco_winterready_prep_table
e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq – e_deco_winterready_vegetable_stores (sq = square)
e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_sq – e_deco_winterready_solar_dehydrator

Mosaic stuff
e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red – e_deco_mosaic_sculpture_chicken
e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red – e_deco_mosaic_birdhouse_generic
e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic – e_deco_mosaic_bench_generic
e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic – e_deco_mosaic_floor_chicken

Solstice stuff
e_deco_animated_random_hitchingpost – e_deco_solstice_sculpture_sunflower
e_deco_inbloom_flowerbox_planter_qtsm1 – e_deco_animated_solstice_sculpture_sun (QTSM = quarter small)
e_deco_barrel_flower – e_deco_solstice_sign
e_deco_halloween_jackolantern_cat – e_deco_animated_solstice_sign_sun

Floral Stuff
e_deco_thanksgiving_gnome_native – e_deco_floral_flowerpot_geranium
e_deco_animated_windchime_sun – e_deco_floral_chair_cushioned
e_deco_swspice_cactus_garden – e_deco_floral_flowerpot_rose

Cool items
e_deco_sundial_stone – e_deco_hammock_cloth
e_deco_ropes_flowering – e_deco_shovel_inground
e_deco_animated_halloween_raven_tree – e_deco_animated_fallharvest_leafpile
e_deco_animated_kite_flying_orange – e_deco_animated_random_bush_hidden
e_deco_animated_halloween_lamp_pumpkin – e_deco_animated_backyard_chair_hanging
e_deco_fallharvest_fireplace_acorn – e_deco_animated_random_cave_hidden
e_deco_thanksgiving_homesweethome_generic_red – e_deco_animated_waterdotorg_sprinkler_generic
e_deco_thanksgiving_sculpture_turkey – e_deco_backyard_fence_latticeflowers
e_deco_animated_windchime_sun – e_deco_animated_outhouse_wood
e_deco_bbq_blanket_picnic – e_deco_rocks_whitepainted Description: FarmVille 2 Cheat Decorations Hack with Cheat Engine Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Deny Roger - ItemReviewed: FarmVille 2 Cheat Decorations Hack with Cheat Engine

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