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Rabu, 10 April 2013

MapleStory Adventures Complete Hack APRIL 2013

MapleStory Adventures Complete Hack, MSA Scripts MapleStory Adventures Cheat Engine Hacks
Hack Descriptions:

* BOSS SKILLS: Disables all dungeon boss's abilities.
* TELEPORT ROPES: Instead of climbing up ropes, you teleport up ropes.
* FAST ENCHANT: You enchant items faster.
* FAST MYSTERY BOX: You open "Mystery boxes" faster.
* FAST TRAIN: You train your "Maple Heroes" faster.
* UNLIMITED RANGE: Attack monsters from anywhere.
* AOE RADIUS: "Area of Effect" skills have unlimited range.
* MONSTERS NEVER WALK: Monsters never walk.
* INSTANT HARVEST: Instantly harvest.
* SPEED: You walk faster.
* TAMED MONSTER: "Tamed Monsters" appear larger.
* AUTO PICKUP: Automatically loots everything, "Magic Stones" and gold too but they don't appear to.
* MAX DAMAGE: You constantly do the highest damage in your damage range.
* RE-SPAWN: Monsters re-spawn faster.
* GOD MODE: You never get hit.
* MONSTER VAC: All monsters re-spawn together.

* Some hacks won't work if you click your game before executing the auto assemble.
* For the re-spawn hack, its best if you use it on high level mobs, low level mobs re-spawn faster by just leaving and re-entering the map.
* Download Cheat Engine here: http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php

Here is video tut- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=TjPEWKXS-zA

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