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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

Marvel Avengers PVP Hack Immune (Can not die) | MEI 2013

Marvel Avengers PVP Hack Immune (Can not die!). This hack is useful to help us so that HP is never exhausted in PVP. Hacks works on google chrome as well as on mozilla firefox.My hack work's in pvp and maybe in pve sometimes.
Video Tutorials : CLICK HERE
Equipment Used :
  1. Start marvel avengers , then start CE 6.2 and select task flashplayer for mozilla and google chrome.exe for chrome.
  2. Then start PVP , when match starts go to cheat engine and then go to file and add 2 scan tab it will help.
  3. Then scan aur agent and hero's life in separate tabs , wait for the enemy to hit you.
  4. When the enemy hits ur agent or your hero's then next scan it and u will get 3 values copy them to the address list and freeze them with space .
  5. After freezing your agent and your hero's life they will not die.
  6. Remember when 2 hero's of the enemy is dead and now you think that you definately gonna win this match then unfreeze your agent and hero's life. otherwise you will get combat validation error.

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