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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

CityVille 2 Hack Instant Level Up

CityVille 2 Hack Instant Level Up is simple method to level up fast on CityVille 2! Dont risk loosing your city by using a hack program. With this CityVille 2 Hack Instant Level Up you can level up more quickly.

CityVille 2 Hack Instant Level Up Tools :

  • Cheat Engine
  • Your browser (chrome or firefox)
CityVille 2 Hack Instant Level Up Steps :

  1. Open CityVille 2
  2. Start Cheat Engine
  3. Go to marked and then Buildings and select a house type and search for citizen the green one. For exampel I select the 1st one that is Cottage, price is 150 gold and provides med 415 citizen
  4. Go back to your Cheat Engine and chosen your link
  5. Dont change absolutely nothing (if u have modified it, put it back to 4 Bytes)
  6. Look for that number up in my example “415″
  7. Ther you can be alots of adress. Simply click the 1st one and hold in SHIFT key and drag all the way down to the last adress. Mouse click on it and then click on the red arrow
  8. Just after that choose all the adresses and change the number from 415 til 5000. (NOTE: Dont change to much, cuz it will crash) then create a cottage and you wil gain 5000 citizen insted of 415.

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