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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Millionaire City Cheat-Money Hack

For those gamers who want to get the millionaire city money instantly, I'll give hack to get money instantly. Millionaire City Cheat-Money Hack function to get money instantly.

Millionaire City Cheat-Money Hack Tools :

  • Cheat Engine 
  • Firefox or Chrome
  • Lvl 21 in Millionaire City ( In case you are under lvl 21 simply Follow step 8 to 14 then purchase some decorations that offer you a lot of exp )
Millionaire City Cheat-Money Hack Steps :

  1. Purchase 50-80 Bamboo
  2. Select your Browser process in CE
  3. Modify 4 Bytes to Array of Bytes
  4. Scan : B8 88 00 00 00 00 00 00 02
  5. You will obtain 2 Address, Add -12c in All Address
  6. Modify 01 to 07 in the middle of Value
  7. Go to Friend and Back to your City
  8. Contract 3 Days in All House
  9. New Scan, Array of Bytes to 4 Bytes
  10. Then Modify Exact Value to Unknown initial value
  11. Click First scan then modify Exact Value to Decreased value
  12. Click next scan 5 10 times until you discover address value 25xxxxxxx, X random number
  13. Now block road from your HQ, modify value to 25xxx
  14. Build road and fast prior to it finish, accumulate money from house
  15. Do it again from step 8 to 14
Millionaire City Cheat-Money Hack tested on Win7 and last Chrome browser

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